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August 2003

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Lise Watier
> Hosiery collections

The objective was to integrate the hosiery collections into the Watier branding. The challenge was met by establishing an impactful and consistent product image as well as a synergy with the mother brand.

Goodhue, Lise Watier’s brand architect for several years now, began designing each line’s packaging using dynamic photos and diagonal page layout as production guidelines.

Currently, awareness of the Lise Watier brand is maximized by the prominent use of the logo on all packaging. Visual guidelines that blend colours with black and white photography are followed for all Lise Watier fragrances and cosmetics. What’s more, product benefits are reader-friendly and easily distinguishable.

Products displayed on shelves get their visual impact from strong and consistent packaging. The hosiery collections succeed in this by being distinct and feminine, in other words perfectly integrated into Lise Watier’s corporate image.









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