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La Maison des Futailles
> Wines and spirits

The Maison des Futailles’ decision to market its line of spirits (cognac, brandy, vodka and other beverages) together under the master brand Global was made as part of a well-thought-out branding strategy.

The developed brand helps increase consumer confidence by promising a selection of quality products. This approach enables the Maison to uphold the precisely defined values (prestige products, diversified offerings) that apply to the full line of its spirits, while respecting the distinctiveness of each individual product.

We began by designing a logo that reflects the brand values, then integrated it into each label design, while taking care to preserve — and even enhance — the existing visual cues that consumers were familiar with.

With this strategy, the Global master brand can now transcend the products it symbolizes, making it easier to introduce new beverages that will get a boost from the master brand’s reputation.


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