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Lise Watier
> Capteur de rêves perfume


Imagination and dreams are the essence of marketing in the fragrance industry. Lise Watier’s new perfume, Capteur de rêves, goes quite a distance in that direction. As the architect of the fragrance’s brand image, Goodhue piloted this project from the earliest design stages right up to the launch of the cross-Canada campaign.

An ethereal vision

The concept for Capteur de rêves took its cue from an authentic First Nations tradition: “dreamcatchers,” the web-shaped keepsakes that, tradition has it, capture bad dreams and channel good ones into our being. Much more than a perfume, Capteur de rêves thus evokes a search for inner harmony. ”Follow your dreams and your soul will find peace” is the inscription on promotional items.

Reminiscent of a talisman, the Goodhue-designed bottle is the anchor of the print ad campaign. It floats in an airy space alongside an aboriginal figure, creating an atmosphere that is mysterious and feminine all at once.

Down-to-earth solutions

The bottle design proceeded from symbolic as well as ergonomic considerations. From among all the concepts submitted, Lise Watier chose one in which the liquid appears suspended within a metal hoop. Several technical constraints had to be overcome, however, to make the design a reality: not least the adhesion of the glass to the hoop, and the bottle’s stability when set down. The puzzle was solved through close collaboration among the client, Goodhue’s designers, and an Italian glassmaker.

Packaging for ancillary products (e.g., cream, candle, roll-on perfume) relies on the same thematic touchstones as the bottle, though each piece in the collection has its own unique cachet. There’s certainly more than a whiff of daring around Lise Watier!



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