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Maison des futailles (wines & spirits)
> Grands Monuments wine series


"Born of the earth and the creativity of humankind, great wines, like great monuments, allow us to discover the world and appreciate richness in diversity. They are true works of art, as they have the power to stir the senses and the imagination."

So reads the text on the packaging for the Grands Monuments series, which encompasses three Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée wines: a white Bordeaux, a red Bordeaux, and a Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine. Imported to Québec by the Maison des Futailles, these products of the vineyards of France are marketed in the handy 4-litre "vinier" format. That, however, doesn’t prevent the package design from conveying the idea that these are prestige products.

Each package design depicts a château typical of the region where the wine was produced, rendered in a classical engraving style. The illustrations are enhanced by an original process through which each line is accented by a tone-on-tone varnish effect. And while the visual style imparts unity to the whole series, each design stands out thanks to colour coding.

Quality of execution, references to tradition, and the selection of the wines themselves combine to create a brand that connoisseurs can trust when the time comes to celebrate in good company.



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