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Constantly seeking to diversify its product offering, La Maison des Futailles selects wines from around the world and packages them to suit the Québec market. For our most recent collaboration with them, we created five new brands and upgraded one existing product identity. The six projects were six invitations to travel--through evocative imagery and wordsmithing.

Each of these design adventures posed the same basic challenge: how to strike the right balance between references to the wine’s country of origin (which are important cues for consumers) and a brand identity that guarantees shelf appeal.

Thus the focus of the Dom Guiomar label is a vignette showing a Portuguese nobleman; Settler’s Cove harks back to colonial Australia; Villa di Ponticello evokes the ambiance of an  elegant Italian estate; Tapeo is a nod to the Spanish tradition of tapas (accompanied by plenty of vino, of course); and Reserva de Perón conveys the Argentine prestige, incarnated by the mythical couple Evita and Juan Perón.

For the French wine Passereau (a Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine), which has been on the market for a few years, we designed new visuals to emphasize the product's superior quality.

The common thread in all these brand designs is authenticity, a paramount value in wine marketing, where quality goes hand in hand with tradition and local colour.



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