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Microcell (telecommunications)
> Fidomatic Holiday promotion


In the wireless telephony marketplace, pay-as-you-go is all the rage, and an attractive option for first-time users of Personal Communications Services. The Holiday season is always an excellent time to give--or receive--access to this modern convenience as a gift. To incite consumers to take the plunge this year, Microcell Solutions is launching, with much media fanfare, a most enticing Christmas promotion: a PCS handset, a trio of accessories and 176 minutes of airtime for $100. Our package design for the new offering extends the theme of the televised advertising campaign onto store shelves, and also remains in harmony with the rest of the Fido handset packaging. It sums up the Fido universe in a manner consistent with the existing line, while the Fidomatic "robodog" and Yuletide theme echo the TV ads. We also adapted the visual design to a box containing the accessories only, which POS resellers can bundle with Fidomatic handset packages they already have in stock. All in all, a fine example of integrated communications!




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