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Métro-Richelieu (supermarkets)
> Merit Selection pies


These days, hardly anyone has time to create home-baked pastries. For those of us who long for this particular "comfort food," Métro features pies baked right on the premises. Faced with stiff competition in recent months, the supermarket chain has deployed a branding operation for its fresh-food lines, placing them under the Merit Selection private-brand banner, which is recognized as a hallmark of fine quality foods.

How to convey freshness and genuine home-baked taste was the challenge facing us when we were asked to design packaging for the new pies. They stand out via a common visual identity that evokes a traditional kitchen setting and handcrafted creations. The boxes also feature a clear plastic window, a must for this category. Each of the 13 varieties is identified by a strong colour code to ensure shelf "presence," along with a small illustration of fruits that attracts the shopper's gaze, promising a true feast. Even the toughest customer will find them impossible to resist!



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