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Maison des futailles (wines & spirits)
> Wünderweïn wine


Wunderwein is the name of the Maison des Futailles' latest offering to Québec consumers. Herewith the story of our exercise in transcultural branding. . .

Our name search specialists' mission seemed simple enough: find a "German-sounding" brand name. That search took them in a number of different directions, and they soon discovered that finding names that could be assimilated by the majority of local shoppers was no simple task, for French (unlike English, for example) has fewer linguistic elements in common with German. In the end, "Wunderwein" won out over a dozen prospective names because of its typically Teutonic spelling, reasonable length, and link with the English word "wonderful."

For the next step --the visual component of the label design-- we borrowed the traditional colours and emblem of the country: yellow, red and the eagle. As for the shape of the label, it recalls a coat of arms from the Middle Ages, a period of which many vestiges survive in modern-day Germany. The label's no-frills look sets it apart from those of competing wines, whose designs are quite overloaded. A few touches of gold leaf along with the monogrammed "W" hint at the luxury positioning of the product, while a delicate motif around the monogram echoes the wine's character: "Exquisitely fruity, with a full-bodied, generous nose. A vintage of freshness and subtlety." Prosit!

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