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Maison des futailles (wines & spirits)
> San Perrino apéritif wine


Consumers now have a new apéritif wine to add to their supermarket shopping carts: San Perrino. The vermouth, marketed by La Maison des Futailles, is available in red and half-and-half. In constructing its brand identity, we relied on references that are familiar to customers, thus establishing credibility right from the word go.

The creative process began with the search for a brand name. Our proposals were inspired by Italian cadences that have a familiar and sympathetic ring to Québécois ears. San Perrino was chosen for its elegance and its similarity to the word "apéro," short for apéritif. A similar approach informed the label design, which resonates with Latin traditions: lively colours, exuberant flourishes and classical typefaces. Cheers!



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